Matériaux & Techniques - Forthcoming

  • Laser-Induced Modification of Amorphous GST225 Phase Change Materials
    S.A. Kozyukhin, P.I. Lazarenko, Y.V. Vorobyov, M.S. Savelyev, A.A. Polokhin, V.B. Glukhenkaya, A.A. Sherchenkov and A.Yu. Gerasimenko
    Accepted: 28/01/2019
  • Contemporary inside painting glass sculptures
    J. Guo
    Accepted: 29/11/2018
  • Synthesis, Performance and Growth Mechanism of Silver Nanoparticle Coated SERS Fiber Probe
    M.M. Geng, Y.T. Long, T.Q. Liu, Z.J. Du, H. Li, Z.R. Liu and Y.H. Xie
    Accepted: 19/11/2018