Matériaux & Techniques - Forthcoming

  • Le dictionnaire historique de la sidérurgie française (2022) : lecture critique  
    Jean-Pierre Birat
    Accepted: 15/09/2023
  • Hydrogen production from Coke Oven Gas using Pressure Swing Adsorption process – A mathematical modeling approach
    Balan Ramani, Jan van der Stel, Gerard Jägers and Wim Buijs
    Accepted: 06/09/2023
  • The application of various papercutting elements in packaging design
    Qianqian Xu
    Accepted: 15/07/2023
  • Mechanical properties of stainless steel by using high temperature microhardness tester
    Bruno Passilly, Amélie Kardache and Ariane Quelquejeu
    Accepted: 11/07/2023
  • The emerging role of design in the circular materials field
    Alessandro Squatrito and Marinella Ferrara
    Accepted: 10/07/2023