Aims and scope

Matériaux & Techniques informs you, through high-quality and peer-reviewed research papers on research and progress in the domain of materials: physical-chemical characterization, implementation, resistance of materials in their environment (properties of use, modelling)... The journal concerns all materials, metals and alloys, nanotechnology, plastics, elastomers, composite materials, glass or ceramics.

This journal for materials scientists, chemists, physicists, ceramicists, engineers, metallurgists and students provides 6 issues per year plus a special issue. Each issue, in addition to scientific articles on specialized topics, also contains selected technical news (conference announcements, new products etc.).

The journal is also available online with all the advantages of an electronic publication: articles submitted and managed online via the system “Manuscript Management System (MMS)”, provided with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) with cross links to references (Crossref), and table of contents sent automatically.

List of sections of Matériaux & Techniques:

  1. Materials and processes selection
  2. Metals and alloys
  3. Organic materials
  4. Inorganic materials
  5. Materials from vegetal or animal origin
  6. Smart materials and structure
  7. Emerging materials - Nanomaterials
  8. Disordered materials: glasses, clays, vitroceramics...
  9. Materials for energy
  10. Biomaterials
  11. Ageing and durability
  12. Corrosion-Anticorrosion
  13. Environment-recycling
  14. Materials processing
  15. Materials treatment
  16. Surfaces : processings, coating, decontamination, pollution, etc.
  17. Joining and assembly
  18. Behaviour in service
  19. Testing, measurement and non destructive testing
  20. Tribology
  21. Modelling and simulation : materials processing
  22. Metrology and quality control