Matériaux & Techniques - Forthcoming

  • A model of micro-milling cutting forces based on micro-cutting experiments
    R. Piquard, G. Le Coz, M. Fontaine and S. Thibaud
    Accepted: 29/09/2022
  • Analytical methods for glass characterization
    C. Le Losq, M. Tarrago, W. Blanc, P. Georges, L. Hennet, D. Zanghi, G. Lelong, S. Pannefieu and D.R. Neuville
    Accepted: 23/09/2022
  • La Fédération Française des Matériaux 
    Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 22/09/2022
  • Le prix de la recherche Otto Schott récompense les réalisations dans le domaine de la science du verre
    Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 22/09/2022
  • Numéro thématique ‘Le verre dans notre quotidien’Topical issue ‘Glass in our daily life’
    Daniel R. Neuville
    Accepted: 21/09/2022
  • Effects of aging on structural and microstructural properties in a ternary CuZnAl Shape memory alloy
    Nesrine Djihade Faci, Saida Chouf, M. Benchiheub and Soliman Belkahla
    Accepted: 19/09/2022
  • Glass: a material of yesterday, today and tomorrow
    D.R. Neuville and L. Cormier
    Accepted: 19/09/2022
  • 2022 - Année Internationale du Verre
    Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 15/09/2022
  • A review on the influence of natural-synthetic fibre hybrid reinforced polymer composites for bulletproof and ballistic applications
    D. Bichang'a, O. Alabi, I. Oladele, F. Aramide, A. Adediran and P. Popoola
    Accepted: 24/08/2022