Matériaux & Techniques - Forthcoming

  • Interactions microorganismes – matériaux
    Alexandra Bertron and Françoise Feugeas
    Accepted: 21/03/2017
  • Contribution of 3D numerical simulation of instrumented indentation testing in the identification of elastic-viscoplastic behaviour law of a high-performance concrete
    R. Benkabou, B. Abbès, F. Abbès, A. Asroun and Y.M. Li
    Accepted: 20/03/2017
  • Analysis of the various processes downstream cathodic hydrogen charging, V : Dissolved hydrogen, dislocations and dislocation drag
    Jean-Louis Crolet
    Accepted: 17/03/2017
  • Influence of adding bentonite on mortars and self-compacting concrete properties
    Mohamed Benaissa, Karim Bendani, Nadia Belas, Khalil Belguesmia and Hanifi Missoum
    Accepted: 02/03/2017
  • Bacteria effects on the corrosion of steel in nuclear context: characterization by a multi-techniques approach (Optical Microscopy, µRaman, SEM-EDS)
    F. Mercier-Bion, Y. Léon, D. Neff, L. Urios, C. Wittebroodt, M. Flachet and P. Dillmann
    Accepted: 24/02/2017
  • Monoglycerides to protect building materials against microbial proliferation
    T. Verdier
    Accepted: 23/02/2017
  • Damage analysis of the laminated plate
    Sara Yamani, Ahmed Sahli and Sara Sahli
    Accepted: 23/02/2017
  • Fabrication of highly porous mortar to alleviate failure caused by alkali-silica reaction (ASR)
    N. Jaroonvechatam, T. Meesak, S. Sujjavanich and O. Jongprateep
    Accepted: 23/02/2017
  • Publications
    Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 22/02/2017
  • Extraction of local mechanical properties of an elastomer by means of nanoindentation : development of protocols and application
    C. Fradet, F. Lacroix, G. Berton, S. Méo and E. Le Bourhis
    Accepted: 20/02/2017
  • Dynamical material flow analysis of alloy elements associated with steel materials by using matrace
    Kentaro Takeyama, Hajime Ohno, Kazuyo Matsubae, Kenichi Nakajima, Yasushi Kondo, Shinichiro Nakamura and Tetsuya Nagasaka
    Accepted: 20/02/2017
  • Bottlenecks in material cycle of nickel
    Kenichi Nakajima, Ichiro Daigo, Kenichi Okada, Shimpei Koike, Keisuke Nansai, Kazuyo Matsubae, Osamu Takeda and Takahiro Miki
    Accepted: 20/02/2017
  • Mechanical characterization by nanoindentation of an electroplated nickel matrix composite coating
    D. Mercier, J.-F. Vanhumbeeck, M. Caruso and X. Vanden Eynde
    Accepted: 20/02/2017
  • Agenda
    Ariana Fuga
    Accepted: 16/02/2017
  • Dispersion and functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTS) for nanocomposite applications
    Abu Yaya, Abraham Tekley, Ebenezer Annan, Johnson K. Efavi, E. K. Tiburu, Boateng Onwona-Agyeman and Lars R. Jensen
    Accepted: 15/02/2017
  • Caracterisation par nanoindentation du GaN irradie par des ions uranium de grande énergie
    Sophie Eve, Florent Moisy, Rosine Coq Germanicus, Clara Grygiel, Eric Hug and Isabelle Monnet
    Accepted: 08/02/2017
  • Instrumented multiscale indentation applied to the study of bulk metallic materials
    S. Kossman, D. Chicot and A. Iost
    Accepted: 06/02/2017
  • Microbiologically influenced corrosion in iron/wood assemblies: formation of iron sulfides in waterlogged archaeological woods
    C. Rémazeilles, F. Lévêque, E. Conforto and P. Refait
    Accepted: 27/01/2017
  • Editorial Indentation : fondamentals and developments
    A. Montagne, D. Chicot, A. Iost and E. Le Bourhis
    Accepted: 23/01/2017
  • Colonization and deterioration of concretes incorporating sea shells for artificial reefs
    Hector Cuadrado Rica, Mohamed Boutouil, Bertrand Boudart, Pascal Claquin and Fanny Leroy
    Accepted: 23/01/2017
  • Juniperus Phoenicea essential oil as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in molar hydrochloric acid
    R. Touir, M. Tiskar, M. Galai, H. Elhadiri, M. Ebn Touhami, M. Sfaira, B. Satrani, M. Ghanmi and A. Chaouch
    Accepted: 16/01/2017
  • The social nature of materials. A brief overview and two case studies concerning the energy transition context
    Giovanni Caiati and Andrea Declich
    Accepted: 06/01/2017
  • Improving energy and resource efficiency of electric steelmaking through simulation tools and process data analyses
    V. Colla, I. Matino, F. Cirilli, G. Jochler, B. Kleimt, H. Rosemann, I. Unamuno, S. Tosato, F. Gussago, S. Baragiola, S. Klung, B. Pena Quintero, A. Alonso and U. De Miranda
    Accepted: 04/01/2017
  • Statistical approach for identification of mechanical properties of individual phases based on indentation data
    Jaroslav Čech, Petr Haušild, Aleš Materna and Jiří Matějíček
    Accepted: 21/12/2016
  • Comparative life cycle social assessment of buildings: health and comfort criterion
    Paulo Santos, Helena Gervasio, A. Pereira, Luis Simoes da Silva and A. Bettencourt
    Accepted: 16/12/2016
  • Characterisation and determination of the bio-origin of iron sulphides in anoxic corrosion systems thanks to isotopic analyses by nanoSIMS
    Sophie Grousset, Smaïl Mostefaoui, Camille Chautard, Alexandre Dauzeres, Didier Crusset, Valérie Deydier, Yannick Linard, Philippe Dillmann, Florence Mercier-Bion and Delphine Neff
    Accepted: 02/12/2016